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Lights, Horn, Mirrors, Action!

Is your forklift ready for action? All forklifts in BC are required to be properly equipped and maintained. See if your forklift is ready by answering the following questions:

Q: Do forklifts require regularly scheduled preventative maintenance (PM) service?

A: YES! All mobile equipment must be regularly maintained as per the manufacturer’s instructions for safe operation. (OH&S 16.3)

Q: Do forklifts require mirrors?

A: YES! All mobile equipment must have a mirror unless the use of mirrors would be impracticable. (OH&S 16.10)

Q: Do forklifts always require lights?

A: NO, however if a person is not clearly discernible (visible) at 150 metres (500 feet) then lights are required.

Q: Does a forklift require a horn?

A: YES. All forklifts require an operator-controlled horn. (ASME B56.1 Safety Standard for Low and High Lift Trucks)

All of the answers can be found in the WorkSafeBC OH&S Regulations. Section 16 covers most regulations for mobile equipmet (forklifts).

Make sure your forklift is ready for action.  A properly maintained and outfitted forklift is a great start towards a safe and productive forklift operator.

Work smart, stay safe!

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